ANADARKO, OK — A recent front line hero story got me thinking of how well and proactive the local township, community, and fire departments have been during these uncertain times. Today, we recognize the 25 years of service Tribal Citizen Eric Lopez has completed as a volunteer firefighter and chief for New Hope Fire Department.

Under Chief Eric Lopez’s guidance, his volunteer firefighters did many proactive things to help keep the staff and residents safe and healthy. Residents, from what I have seen, are super grateful for New Hope’s volunteer firefighter department. I, among many others, wanted to say thank you for being there! Oklahoma can be a busy region to maintain, especially during the dry phases of each season.

Eric started as a volunteer firefighter for New Hope in 1997 and remained by their side until his recent retirement in December 2022, a proud moment for New Hope Fire Department as they were led by dedication, professionalism, and determination in an uncertain time to deliver an outstanding service to all of the residents of Caddo, Comanche, and surrounding counties.

Eric has been a fire chief for nearly eleven years and enjoys working with others. His leadership helped train many volunteer firefighters toward their successful futures. Eric mentioned that he enjoyed working with the surrounding fire departments and appreciates all their hard work. Oklahoma is safer when great men and women step up to the front lines.

Eric’s efforts helped keep surrounding fire departments and the residents safe. A job that can prove to be quite difficult.

To New Hope’s fire chief of 25 years, we congratulate Eric for his services and thank him for his bravery. Wanìshi!


Story & Photos by Wesley Boone, Public Relations Officer 2/8/2023