• Blood Quantum Question

The Blood Quantum Committee was selected and began their meetings on October 23, 2018 to research the blood quantum guidelines.  After researching and speaking with Tribal citizens who attended the meetings, they submitted their recommendation to the Executive Committee on December 17, 2018.  The Blood Quantum Committee requested that Delaware Nation place the ballot question, “qualification for citizenship be lineal descent from a Delaware Nation allottee” for the upcoming Secretarial Election.  The Blood Quantum Committee also submitted this recommendation to the Bureau of Indian Affairs on December 20, 2018.

The Blood Quantum Committee’s research into this matter lead them to believe that the Nation would best be served by providing this constitutional and procedural change.  They appreciate the Tribal citizens who attended the scheduled meetings and offered their insight into this matter. It strengthens our government when tribal citizens participate in such an important endeavor.

  • Removing BIA from the Delaware Nation Constitution Question

At the June 2018 General Council Meeting, Lonnie Emahoola, Sherry Lovin and Rose Roberson (BIA Representatives) were in attendance to answer any questions about BIA being removed from our Constitution.  Sherry Lovin stated that BIA suggests we remove them from our constitution in order for the Delaware Nation to truly be a Self-governance Tribe.

If removed from our constitution, BIA will still be available for consultation, review and oversight when needed. The ballot will provide a side-by-side review of changes being made.


The Secretarial Election Committee will be mailing out important information and instructions soon to all eligible voters 18 and over.  The first mail out contains the voter registration form.  We encourage all citizens to participate by returning their registration forms and ballots as instructed.  Let your voice be heard by participating in this Secretarial Election process.