YARDLEY, PA — Tribal Citizen Barton Standing Elk Cartwright Sr. is once again making strides in spreading Delaware Nation’s culture and awareness to the Northeast region of the Country. Artist John Guarneri has been commissioned to colorize a portrait of Mr. Cartwright Sr. drawn by Harold Willard, a native veteran who served in the Navy, that will be displayed on the wall of the Borough Hall of Somerville, New Jersey.

At the time the portrait was taken, it was a Celebration Dance for Native American Heritage Month during the first week of November 5th, 2022. Bart’s attendance at the Celebration Dance was to promote awareness of the Indigenous people and let the public know, “WE ARE STILL HERE!”

Mr. Cartwright Sr. stated that his portrait being artistically portrayed was humbling. His illustration will portray Lenape culture once it is completed and displayed on the Wall of the Borough Hall of Somerville, NJ. Barton is grateful for the opportunity to represent this great Nation through tradition and to spread the history of Lenapehoking.

Barton Cartwright Sr. resides along the Delaware River across from Trenton, New Jersey, in Yardley, Pennsylvania; The Lenape ancestral homelands.

Wanìshi for the incredible contributions Mr. Cartwright Sr. has made to establishing Lenape cultural awareness!


Story by Wesley Boone, Public Relations Officer 2/22/2023 | Photos provided by Barton Cartwright Sr.