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Delaware Nation CEDS Purpose

The Delaware Nation is creating its 2025 – 2030 Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy – a Tribal CEDS. A CEDS is a strategy-driven plan for regional economic development designed to build capacity and guide the economic prosperity and resiliency of a specific area or region. The Tribe’s CEDS identifies strategies to enhance and improve the economic environment of Delaware Nation. 


What will the CEDS do for Delaware Nation?

The Tribal CEDS will:

  • Identify opportunities and challenges to economic development in Delaware Nation’s community.
  • Develop strategies to overcome those challenges and capture those opportunities.
  • Develop a regional network of support.
  • Serve as a roadmap to rollout new programs that will support economic development, job creation, and community collaboration for the Tribal citizens of Delaware Nation.
Delaware Nation Princess

The Tribal CEDS will include:

Numbers that tell the story of the people, economy, and region
An Economic Vision for Delaware Nation
Goals, Objectives, and Strategies that are specific and measurable and describe what we hope to accomplish over the next five years
An Implementation Plan that describes how we’ll work on our priorities and measure progress


Summer 2024

Discover and Listen

  • Gather and analyze data
  • Invite input from Tribal Members & Stakeholders through interviews and a survey (to be launched in July 2024)

Fall 2024 – Winter 2025

Draft and Review

  • Create vision, goals, and strategies
  • Develop performance measures and evaluation framework
  • Prepare draft CEDS

Winter 2025 and Beyond

Activate and Implement

  • Publish draft Tribal CEDS for public review
  • Finalize and adopt Tribal CEDS
  • Take action on CEDS recommendations and track progress

Project Team

The project team involves the Delaware Nation Tribal Council and a Strategy Committee consisting of essential Tribal government departments and public servants serving the Nation. Capacity Consulting is assisting in drafting the Tribal CEDS.

Get Involved

The CEDS is an opportunity for you to help direct strategies and priorities for Delaware Nation’s economic health. You can get involved by completing the 10-minute survey and attending one of two workshops at Tribal Headquarters. We’ll also schedule two virtual workshops.

Tribal Community Survey

Take the 10-Minute Survey and respond by Friday, August 16th to get entered into a drawing for prizes.

Winners will be announced by August 23rd.

In-Person Workshops

Join us for a lively workshop and lunch catered by TBD!

Date: September TBD
Time: TBD

Date: January TBD
Time: TBD


Virtual Workshops

Date: September TBD
Time: TBD

Date: January TBD
Time: TBD

Questions or Comments

Please contact us anytime with questions or comments.  Martyna Triggs, Project Manager
Capacity Consulting
Email: martyna@capacitygroupusa.com
Cell: 908-510-3299

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