Deborah Dotson

President Candidate

Hè, Kulamàlsi hàch? ntëluwènsi Deborah Dotson.

I am a candidate for President in our Tribal Election being held June 19, 2021.

I have served as your President for the last four years. As your President, the Executive Committee and I have had to make critical decisions based on facts and what is best for the Nation as a whole. These decisions have reflected strong ethics and sound principals based off our Constitution.

It has been a busy four years and I appreciate having the opportunity to work and speak with many of you during my presidency. When we work together, we can accomplish great things. The list below represents some of the successes that have been accomplished in the past four years I have been your President:

Closing 4 Tribes Consortium Grant: Working with other area tribal leaders, I was able to successfully close the grant despite uncovering corruption and mismanagement of grant funds that occurred before my presidency.

Received first Revenue Allocation Economic Development (RAED) Contribution: The accomplishments of DNEDA over the years has been unbelievable and this economic development arm of the Nation will continue to provide funds back to our Nation as it moves forward.

Delaware Nation Alcohol Beverage Ordinance published in the Federal Register: It was surprising to find out that this had not been done in the past. But now that it is filed in the federal registry, it is official.

Joined the lawsuit of United Keetoowah, et al v. FCC Chairman Pai: This lawsuit was important to Delaware Nation by ensuring that we are consulted regarding inadvertent discoveries of remains, funerary objects, unassociated funerary objects and protection of our sacred sites.

Lineal Descendancy: Delaware Nation is the first tribe on the western side of Oklahoma to eliminate blood quantum as a requirement for enrollment. With a majority vote from our tribal citizens, this accomplishment ensured the longevity of our Nation.

Removing BIA from our Constitution: Delaware Nation is the first tribe on the western side of Oklahoma to remove BIA oversite from our Constitution. This accomplishment strengthens our Sovereignty and allows us to truly self-govern ourselves.

Changed Tribal Accounts from IBC to Bank 7: IBC was charging Delaware Nation over $60,000 to maintain our accounts. The Executive Committee decided to move all our accounts to Bank 7 at a higher interest rate and no fees. The Executive Committee and I are committed to being fiscally responsible with the Nation’s funds.

Purchase of Dirt Road Graphics: In purchasing Dirt Road Graphics, the Nation can purchase these products instead of outsourcing the expense to other businesses.

Opening of Delaware Nation Satellite office in PA: With a part-time employee located in the east coast area, it allows the Nation to have someone who can address issues in a timely manner and eliminates unnecessary travel expenses.

Joined Cherokee Nation, et al v. Governor Stitt: This lawsuit was to preserve our gaming compact with the State of Oklahoma.

CARES Funding Distribution to Tribal Citizens: I appreciate all the calls and emails from our citizens who shared how these funds were able to assist them during a difficult time.

Lenape Police Department: Delaware Nation is the first tribe on the western side of Oklahoma to have Officers cross-deputized with BIA.

Opening “Our Children’s Garden” Child Care Center: I realize that this has been a long process, but it is really great to be ready to provide quality childcare that will provide activities that support our culture and language.

With your vote, I will strive to keep working with Citizens and other entities to keep Delaware Nation moving forward. It has been an honor to serve the past four years and it would be my privilege to serve you for another four years. I am humbly asking for your vote on June 19, 2021. Please remember if you are voting via Absentee Ballot, it must be received by June 18, 2021.



Deborah Dotson

Dana Holder-Elley

President Candidate

Hello to all of my Delaware Nation Family and Friends,

My name is Dana Holder-Elley, and I am the great granddaughter of Grayson and Stella (Ellis) Parton, and the granddaughter of Myrtle Parton Holder, who served as the first woman to lead the Nation (then the Delaware Tribe of Western Oklahoma) as President. (1948-1952).

My father is Thomas Holder Sr, and my Uncle, Orlan Holder, has served as an Executive Committee Member. My mother is Virginia Quiver-Coffey (Caddo/Delaware/Sioux) My maternal grandparents are Daniel Quiver (Sioux) and Neoma Butler-Quiver (Caddo/Delaware)

It is an honor to run for the office of President of our great Delaware Nation.

On September 17,1778 the first treaty was signed between the newly established United States and the Lenape at Fort Pitt. Our ancestors could not know what lay ahead. Our tribe began the process of removal long before the Indian Removal Act, yet here we stand today stronger and even better!

My mission if elected is to continue to strengthen and improve our programs to help every member of our tribe. To continue our legacy as a Nation, protect and preserve our culture while continuing to build relationships and resources for the Delaware Nation people.

Terry Lee Williams

Committee Member No.1 Candidate

Hello, tribal family –

My name is Terry Lee Williams and I am running again for the position of Committee Person 1 in the upcoming June 19th election.

I am Delaware/Caddo and a descendant of Allipahkenah of the Delaware Nation. I served in the military, and attended Southwestern Oklahoma State University in Weatherford, OK. I am retired from Safeway/Homeland grocery stores.

I am married to the former Donna Miller, and I have one son, one daughter, four grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.

I want to continue serving the Delaware Nation tribal citizens, and I would appreciate your vote on June 19th.


Trinity Guido

Committee Member No.1 Candidate

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Barbara (Snake) Nixon

Treasurer Candidate

I am requesting your support and vote for Treasurer. For those that do not know me, I am the granddaughter of Bessie Hunter Snake.

I finished the term of the previous Treasurer and decided to run for this office again. I appreciated the opportunity to serve all Delaware Nation Tribal Members during the challenging time of the Pandemic through the various programs offered to tribal members and the community.

My qualifications are as follows:

I retired with 48 years of service from the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Southern Plains Regional Office. The positions I held are mainly within the Financial Management Field, and they are Loan Specialist, Budget Analyst, and the position I retired from was as the Southern Plains Regional Finance Officer.


I graduated with a degree in Business Administration/Accounting from the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma, Chickasha, Oklahoma.

It has been a pleasure to serve all Delaware Nation Tribal Members Nationwide, and I would appreciate your vote.


Barbara Nixon

Lauryn French

Treasurer Candidate

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