Purpose: To subsidize Broadband Internet Service for approximately 1,000 Delaware Nation households up to the 100% medium income level for two years. A $65 monthly payment to Tribal households will be dispersed in a 6-month payment. With validation of 3 months of paid internet bills, an additional 18-month payment can be issued to the same household.

Citizen Information: (if the qualifying enrolled Delaware Tribal Citizen in your home is a minor child you must complete both Section 1-A and Section 1-B

  • The program is for Delaware Nation Enrolled citizens age 18 years and older & legal parents/guardians of Delaware Nation enrolled minor children
  • The internet service must be existing, must be billed, can’t be a hotspot or data box and must have the tribal citizen (or parent/guardian in case of minor children) name on bill submitted
  • This is an income qualifying application and all required support documents must be submitted to be considered a completed applications