ANADARKO, OK — Local guests of Anadarko and the surrounding area joined together to celebrate the 2022 Bigfoot Storytelling Event at the beautiful Randlett Park. A massive turnout of Bigfoot believers arrived with smiles and good cheer! Guests even got to see Bigfoot in person! The event began at 3:00 PM on a mild Friday afternoon with Delaware Nation staff and vendors ready to serve.

Families and friends gathered and posed for photos with the giant-footed legend. If guests weren’t snapping photos with Bigfoot, they were probably enjoying one of the many great activities, such as bounce houses, pumpkin painting, t-shirts, face painting, cake walk, cornhole, hayrides, Bigfoot calling contest, health walk, costume contests, kettle corn, scavenger hunt, refreshments, macro fishing, and much more, along with many booths filled with beautiful jewelry, artifacts, and useful information! Congratulations to all the winners of the Bigfoot Calling Contest and to the winners of the Kids Costume Contests. The costumes were amazing! Their hard work and attention to detail paid off.

Delaware Nation Departments in Attendance:

  • Cultural Preservation Organization of Event
  • CHR’s Health Walk: Ambrea Marshall, Seretta Gonzales, Wyndi Caraker, and Abbie Spence
  • Dirt Road Graphics: Provided t-shirts for the event
  • ECLC Inflatables for Young Children: Brenda Lisenbery, Skylar Miller, Haley Williams, Nicole Valenzuela, Jace Gonzales, and Zoie Cogburn
  • EPA Inflatables for Older Children: Jaclyn McCasland, Alec Marshall, David Komalty, Justin Pendarvis, Regina McCarty, Shannon Wetselline, Kayla Tate, Ereca Camaro, Josh Farley and Corinna RedElk
  • Facilities’ Zombie Hay Ride: Jamie Beaver, Eric Lopez, Damon Teart, Delos Chavez, Jarius Smith and Roger Birch
  • Finance’s Big Foot Corn Hole Game: Deb Emhoolah, Eydie Silago, Janet Curley and Shelby Quetone
  • Gaming Commission’s Ring Toss/Bean Bag Bucket Toss Game: Christie White, Angela McGhghy, Paula Pewo, and Alix Hubbard
  • HPO Costume Contest: Carissa Speck, Billie Anderson, and Gina Smith
  • Housing’s Sand Scavenger Hunt: Jacquelyn Smith and Summer Dutton
  • Social Services/Enrollment’s Registration Booth: Kelly Line, Sue Obe, Sylvia Pitner, Brenda Villalba, Nicole Jones and Keli Ballou
  • Tax Commission Pumpkin Painting: Jaycee Mickle, Diane Butler, Ivy Smith, Sydney Samaniego, and Dana Sauceda
  • Voc Rehab Cake Walk (Basketball Court area): Rachel Allen, Shellean Garcia, Shay Castillo, and Ashton Pewenofkit
  • DN Fundraising Committee Concession Stand: Kandess Botone, Billie Anderson, Dee Dee Whitfield, and Chelsey Farley
  • Public Relations (photos/videos): Wesley Boone
  • Golf Cart Driver: Alex Rodriguez
  • Event Monitors: Janice Maddox and Security

Outside Vendors:

  • Bobby Plumbers Food Truck
  • Sugar Shane’s Kettle Corn/ Pork rinds
  • OU Health Services
  • Liz Stephens Face painting and Craft Booth
  • OKTEP (Nutrition Program)
  • Martha Negron’s Bigfoot arts and Crafts Booth
  • Holly’s Crafts and T-shirts
  • Cricket Wireless Booth
  • Caddo Nation EPA-Educational Booth
  • Martha Niedo’s Bigfoot-Shaped Meat Pie Booth
  • Cadillac Ranch Boutique
  • Comanche Nation EPA – Educational Booth
  • Kiowa Tribe EPA-Education Booth
  • Thomas Crabtree-Native American Bigfoot
  • Holly’s Crafts and T-shirts
  • Native Oklahoma Bigfoot Research Organization
  • Casting Booth
    • DJ Kenneth Boynton – Sound Booth
    • Bigfoot Mascot- Tanner Kopepassah

In the finale, Troy Hudson & Pete Buffalohead of the Native Oklahoma Bigfoot Research Organization and the other speakers delivered stories of the big, hairy legend.

Many thanks to all the staff and vendors for setting up and helping make this event great! Delaware Nation hopes everyone had a great time, and we look forward to next year’s event!

View photos from the event at!

– By Wesley Boone Public Relations 10/21/2022 | *Updated 11/8/2022*