Lori Donise Kionute is the daughter of Leonard and LaDonna Kionute, granddaughter of Lyman L. Kionute, Sr., and the late Thelma (Toho-Murrow) Kionute and Mr. and Mrs. Herschel and Carolyn Climer, great granddaughter of late Mr. and Mrs. Jake and Ina Kionute, the late Mr. and Mrs. George and Christine (Shemaymy) Toho-Murrow.

Lori’s Delaware lineage is through her dad, her grandmother Thelma Kionute, great grandmother Christine and great-great grandmother “Mindin”, and great-great-great grandmother “Ne-ack-ta-ling”. Her grandmothers Christine, Mindin and Ne-ack-ta-ling were all original allottees of the Delaware Nation.

Lori Donise Kionute is 18 years old and is a 2020 High school graduate at Binger-Oney High School, Binger, Oklahoma. Lori has been actively involved in high school activities such as; Binger-Oney BETA Club, Honor Society, and STUCO, Caddo-Kiowa Career Tech/Digital Gaming two-year program receiving her 3D Gaming Designer Certification. Lori has maintained a 3.32 GPA. Lori has also helped younger students with their school work and tutors. Lori has also attended Delaware Nation Women’s Skirt and Leggings Making Classes and the Delaware Nation Women’s Tulip Purse Making Classes held by the Delaware Nation Cultural Preservation program. Lori enjoys being with family and friends, likes animals, games, books and anime; she is interested in possibly becoming a veterinarian.

As the 2020-2021 Delaware Nation Princess, Lori is truly honored to serve in this capacity, and looks forward to representing the Delaware Nation to the best of her ability and in a pleasant and respectful manner.

Lori Was crowned as Princess during a ceremony held at the FY 2020 General Council Meeting on Saturday, July 18, 2020.