A message from the President

President Deborah Dotson

Here are a few highlights of our year: In February 2019, the Secretarial Election Committee began working on the upcoming election. In March 2019, Delaware Nation held a Secretarial Election conducted by the BIA. Lineal Decendancy and removing BIA from our Constitution was passed by a majority vote of the registered General Council members. By passing Lineal Decendancy, Delaware Nation’s indelible imprint was guaranteed for generations to come. This historic event will lead to an increased membership which will allow the Nation to be more competitive when applying for grants. This month marked the first year that DNEDA submitted proceeds to the Nation with a One Million Dollar check. In June 2019, Delaware Nation election experienced a tie between candidates, a first in Delaware Nation history. Also, during the Annual meeting DNEDA presented Delaware Nation with a second One Million Dollar check. Delaware Nation obtained its first approved Liquor Ordinance. This was no easy task. Gold River sits on WCD land owned equally by the Wichita Affiliated Tribe, Caddo Nation and Delaware Nation. BIA was requesting the Wichita Affiliated Tribes and Caddo Nation agree to our Liquor Ordinance. This seemed impossible, however after many meetings with BIA we found language that would satisfy Washington, D.C. to obtain an approved Liquor Ordinance. In September 2019, DNEDA presented Delaware Nation with a third One Million Dollar check. Delaware Nation Executive Committee joined with 30 other tribal leaders and representatives to begin Gaming Compact meetings.

In October 2019, we elected a new Treasurer, Barbara Nixon. In November 2019, we elected a new Committee Person, Reynolds French, Sr. In December 2019, Delaware Nation purchased Dirt Road Graphics, a local screen printing and embroidery company.

It has been a busy year and it only proves that by working together we can accomplish great things! I look forward to working with you in the upcoming 2020 year. I know it will be as productive as this year. Thank you for allowing me to serve as your President. Wishing all of you a Happy and Prosperous 2020!