Janice Maddox’s education (Bachelor in Education, Master in Administration, Master in Reading Specialist), skills, and experience make her an ideal candidate for her role as Tribal Administrator. Janice’s ability to quickly adapt to unprecedented challenges has kept operations running.

Janice maintains interests that are vital to the well-being of Delaware Nation citizens. Her position and responsibilities cannot be shared, thus making her resilient in achieving goals that better everyone under the nation’s umbrella. Janice always thoroughly examines all aspects of every decision she makes assuring operations run smoothly. Her eye for detail is sharp and true.

Janice is always welcoming and cheerful! Her kind attributes have gained incredible respect among Tribal citizens and Tribal government staff. Part of Delaware Nation’s success with long-term employment can be attributed to her integrity and successful temperament. Her guidance has led young men and women to long-term and rewarding careers! Her management has oversight of all tribal programs and she loves serving the great people of Delaware Nation.

Janice does not ask any employee to do something she is not willing to do, from picking up trash, cleaning bathrooms, distributing food boxes in the cold to cooking for an event. Due to her lucrative direction and organizational skills, Delaware Nation has been able to conduct many successful events that benefit the citizens and the community.

Wanìshi, Janice, for all your hard work and countless hours in maintaining and administering for Delaware Nation to be a prosperous tribal nation.

This is also Janice’s birthday month. Happy Birthday!