Memo: Lauryn French-Ledbetter withdrew her candidacy via certified mail on 6-18-2021. Barbara Nixon was unopposed for the June 19th, 2021 Election. – Election Chairwoman Brittani Williams-Francis

Delaware Nation Election Committee

Unofficial Tally of June 19, 2021 Election

Delaware Nation Tribal Members:

On June 19, an election was conducted in accordance with the Election Ordinance of the Delaware Nation.

The results of the election for the offices of President, Treasurer, and Committee Person #1 are tallied as followed:

President Candidates

Deborah Dotson Live-66 Absentee-160 TOTAL= 226

Dana Elley Live-23 Absentee37 TOTAL=60

 Treasurer Candidates

Barbara Nixon Live64 Absentee-127 TOTAL= 191


Committee Person #1

Terry Williams Live36 Absentee-110 TOTAL= 146

Trinity Guido Live-53 Absentee-83 TOTAL=I36

This announcement was approved by the Delaware Nation Election Committee on 06/19/2 021.