COLONY, OK — On Saturday, September 4, 2021, President Deborah Dotson attended an artist’s reception held to announce the grand opening of The Colony Museum. The museum was founded in 2020 in part because of a grant from the Oklahoma Historical Society. The Museum has been years in the making and for Colony’s Mayor Lonnie Yearwood it is a dream come true. It contains a combination of Tribal and Town Exhibits. The museum was curated by Dr. Bob Blackburn with the assistance of Cameron Eagle. A second grant was awarded for signage to provide a walking tour of the historic Colony township. Exhibits include The Museum, Alice Bottom Kauger Teapot Collection, The Mayor’s office with the Joe Whitt Gallery and Headdress, tribute to William Charles “Wild Bill” Sellers, Gallery and Workshop, Artist Studios, and Artist in Residence Bedroom. The exhibits were made possible because of the generosity of current and former Colony residents and friends including; Lonnie Yearwood, Ken and Tonya Smith, Ron Lowry, Tom Weichel, Justice Yvonne Kauger, Jonna Kauger Kirschner, Jeri Redcorn, Phillip Cross, Gladys Nowlin, Jack, and Freeda McLemore, W.C. Sellers Jr., Patrick Riley, Jim VanDeman, Justice Noma Gurich and Micki Taylor.

The reception was held from 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM and the ribbon-cutting ceremony was performed right at 2:00 PM. Oklahoma State Supreme Court Justices, Tribal Officials, friends, and family were in attendance in support of the grand opening of the museum, located in downtown Colony. For more information, please visit