Due to the recent Citizenship Committee resignations, Delaware Nation has three (3) open positions to fill. Each position is a 2-year term. Appointments to this committee are made by the Executive Committee who also designates who serves as Chairperson and Secretary.

The Citizenship Committee shall have the responsibility of preparing and maintaining the current citizenship roll consistent with the Delaware Nation Constitution and Citizenship Ordinance.

The following duties and responsibilities will be required:

  • Preparation of meeting minutes
  • Preparation of resolutions approving or denying citizenship for each applicant
  • Overseeing the approved Citizenship Budget
  • Preparation of purchase requisitions for Citizenship Committee Budget
  • Presenting citizenship applications according to the Constitution & Citizenship Ordinance at General Council
  • Updating the Delaware Nation Citizenship Ordinance as needed and presenting updates to the Executive Committee for approval

If you are seeking to fill an open position within the Citizenship Committee, please email your resume to ec@delawarenation-nsn.gov by September 30, 2021, at 5:00 PM CST.