Our Children’s Garden Staff Back row: Receptionist Dana Kionute, Bear Cubs Lead Teacher (3 years) Jamee Ware, Chicks Co-Teacher (1 year) Kimberly Estrella, Assistant Director Jennifer Adams, Hatchlings Lead Teacher (infants) Soila Navarrete, Chicks Lead Teacher (1 year) Britteny Foster, (Former) Nutritionist Ruth Bert, Director Brenda Lisenbery
Our Children’s Garden Staff Front row: Wolf Pups Co-Teacher (2 years) Kayleigh Circles, Wolf Pups Lead
Teacher (2 years) Lauryn Welch, Hatchlings Co-Teacher (infants) Charlize Brave Heart, Hatchlings Lead Teacher (infants) Jennifer Kionute and Wolf Pups Co-Teacher (2 years) Kaylin Tartsah

ANADARKO, OK — Our Children’s Garden hosted an Easter-themed parent’s night at the childcare center located at 810 Delaware Drive. Delaware Nation social services assisted Our Children’s Garden staff in creating a fun event for families to attend where they could eat, receive helpful child safety tips, and hunt for Easter eggs. After guests were sitting with their food, Delaware Nation staff introduced themselves. Director Brenda Lisenbery gave a brief update on the Star status of the childcare center and then reiterated safety. She encouraged the ABCs of Childcare: All infants must be alone, on their back, and must be in their crib. To create a safe environment, place children on a firm mattress without pillows and stuffed animals, and never let your child fall asleep in a bassinet for long periods. After Brenda concluded, the staff handed out child safety information packets to all guests in attendance and then asked the children if they were ready to hunt Easter Eggs. The children lined up at the door and took off like rabbits, gathering eggs to put in their Easter baskets. After the playground was cleaned of all eggs, everyone returned inside for fellowship, snacks, and pictures. Thanks so much to the guests that participated in our first parent’s night event and to the hard-working staff members that made this event happen. Wanìshi!

*By Wesley Boone Public Relations 5/22/2022