**UPDATED 12/9/2021** ANADARKO, OK — The Executive Committee appointed the new Citizenship Committee members Trinity Guido, Linda Poolaw, Bruce Gonzales and Billie Anderson during a swearing-in ceremony held Tuesday, November 2, around 1:45 PM (CST), in the Delaware Nation Courtroom within the tribal complex.

It is stated in the Delaware Nation Constitution that the Executive Committee shall appoint a citizenship committee composed of tribal citizens who are not members of the executive committee which shall have the responsibility of preparing and maintaining the current citizenship roll consistent with the provisions of this Article.

Congratulations to the appointed members! Wanìshi!

Back row: Treasurer Barbara Nixon, Vice President Michael McLane, President Deborah Dotson, Secretary Anne Brower and Committee Member No.1 Terry Williams

Front row: Trinity Guido. Linda Poolaw & Bruce Gonzales

Billie Anderson