From left to right: Erin Paden (Delaware Nation Director of Historic Preservation), Katelyn Lucas (Delaware Nation Historic Preservation Assistant), and Bonney Hartley (Stockbridge Munsee Historic Preservation Manager) attending the reinternment at Pennsbury Manor, standing behind the famous wampum belt gifted to William Penn by the Lenape people. The belt was brought from its exhibition in Philadelphia PA to be present for this significant gathering of Lenape leadership and citizens in the homelands.

President Dotson met with the Mayor of Allentown, PA Matt Tuerk to discuss ways to increase Lenape history education and engagement in their homelands. Mayor Tuerk was gifted a Delaware Nation challenge coin, and President Dotson was gifted a key to the City of Allentown. The Mayor plans to fly Delaware Nation’s flag in Allentown’s city hall.

Delaware Nation citizens Logan and Dylan Johnson from Ohio attending the repatriation at Pennsbury Manor.

*By Katelyn Lucas Historic Preservation Office Assistant 4/15/2022 | Photos by Katelyn Lucas