Cultural Preservation

The mission of the Delaware Nation Cultural Preservation Department is to preserve the culture, language, history, ancestral lands, sacred sites, objects of cultural patrimony, materials, and objects possessing ongoing cultural significance to the Delaware Nation through education, communication and consultation with local, state, federal agencies and organizations in the Delaware Nation’s 17 state area of interest.

Cultural Preservation is home to our language program, princess program and we plan and execute several cultural events throughout the year. Consultation is also part of Cultural Preservation. Consults often consist of meeting with various museums, historic centers and, at times, large corporations seeking to develop within our areas of historic oversight.

It is the mission of the Delaware Nation’s Cultural Preservation Department to protect and perpetuate our story so future generations may continue to pass on the rich history and culture of the Delaware people. The programs under the guidance of the Department are: Culture Events, Language, and the Princess Program.

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Cultural Preservation Events

The Mission of the Cultural Preservation Events Program is to provide culturally relevant activities, information, and knowledge of the Lenape/Delaware Nation specifically to Delaware members but open to the community when available.

The goal of the Cultural Preservation Events Program is to provide activities to explore our rich history and culture. Participants will be instructed on Lenape or eastern woodland culture by applying traditional methods to our crafts or activities. We will read and share stories from our families and other resources. 

We will better understand the transition our traditional teachings and incorporate as much into our current standard way of life by discussing history versus current events. We will explore the traditional methods of parenting, cooking, games, survival, dance, song, ceremonies, courtship, marriage, death and burial. 

We will discuss, create, and maintain our heritage by creating Delaware Regalia and the accessories through the teachings and methods learned. 

Recruitment of individuals who are knowledgeable in the Lenape culture will be an ongoing activity.

Any suggestions or referrals will be appreciated.

Language Program

Mission: To provide Lenape Language Learners with a comprehensive program through application of modern language learning practices in an environment rich with Lenape teachings, community, and resources.

Vision: Produce Fluent Delaware Nation Lenape Language Speakers.

Delaware Nation began language preservation efforts during the 70’s with tribal elders from the Anadarko community. This initial project created a vast amount of recordings that has since been our primary resource for many language projects. Continuous efforts through the decades have provided classes and built resources for Delaware Nation Citizen with hopes of producing Lenape language speakers. In this last decade Delaware Nation Cultural Preservation has made greater strides to preserving our language with implementing weekly lessons throughout the year and seeking grants to expand towards more outreach.


Princess Program

The Delaware Nation Princess Program is a program specifically designed to assist our Tribal Princesses during their reigns as our designated representatives of the Delaware Nation. 

The program instills the importance of the history and honor of the Princess title with a curriculum that includes history, culture lessons and dance etiquette.  We also assist with planned dances and event that are of cultural importance to the Nation.  More importantly, the Princess Program is designed to uplift and encourage future leading women of the Delaware Nation.

The funding of the program comes directly from the Cultural Preservation Budget (Section 106). It is supported by no federal monies, however, requests for additional assistance may be submitted and approved by the Executive Committee, at their discretion.

Sonnie Allen

Director of Cultural Preservation

Phone: 405-247-1024


Tribal affiliation: Delaware Nation

Evelyn Kionute

Cultural Events Coordinator

Phone: 405-247-1024


Tribal affiliation: Delaware Nation

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