ANADARKO, OK – Citizens arrived on Saturday, June 19, 2021, from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM to place their votes for Tribal President, Treasurer and Committee Person #1 candidates. Voting took place in the Delaware Nation Courtroom within the tribal complex in Anadarko. Once the polls were closed, the following unofficial tally of votes was provided by the Election Committee:

“Delaware Nation Tribal Members: On June 19, an election was conducted in accordance with the Election Ordinance of the Delaware Nation. The results of the election for the offices of President, Treasurer, and Committee Person #1 are tallied as followed:

President Candidates

Deborah Dotson Live-66 Absentee-160TOTAL= 226

Dana Elley Live-23 Absentee37 TOTAL=60

Treasurer Candidates

Barbara Nixon Live64 Absentee-127 TOTAL= 191


Committee Person #1

Terry Williams Live36 Absentee-110 TOTAL= 146

Trinity Guido Live-53 Absentee-83 TOTAL=I36

This announcement was approved by the Delaware Nation Election Committee on 06/19/2 021.”

Lauryn French-Ledbetter withdrew her candidacy via certified mail on 6-18-2021 and Barbara Nixon was unopposed for the June 19th, 2021 Election, according to Election Committee Chairwoman Brittani Williams-Francis. Congratulations to the winning candidates and wanìshi to the voters who participated! 2021 held the highest total vote count in the history of Delaware Nation. This incredible feedback should encourage all citizens to exercise their right to vote in upcoming elections. Your Native votes count!

By Wesley Boone Public Relations 6/21/2021