Delaware Nation Tribal Citizens,

On June 17th, an election was conducted in accordance with the Election Ordinance of Delaware Nation.

The Results of the election for the offices of Vice- President, Secretary, and Committee Person #2 are tallied as follows:

Vice-President Candidates

Victoria De La Rosa-Feliciano

  • Live-33
  • Absentee-80
  • TOTAL=113

Trinity Guido

  • Live-32
  • Absentee-60
  • TOTAL=92

Secretary Candidates

Margaret Ann McLane-Brower

  • Live-26
  • Absentee-84
  • TOTAL=110

Rita French-Carillo

  • Live-39
  • Absentee-57
  • TOTAL=96

Committee Person #2

Michael McLane

  • Unopposed


This announcement was approved by the Delaware Nation Election Committee on 06/17/2023.


Wanishi for participating in this election and congratulations to the newly elected officials! This will be the first time two females have run as President and Vice-President!