Delaware Nation Public Relations facilitates all communication between the Nation and area news sources, tribal citizens, and any interested parties. The department responsibilities include:

  • Developing PR strategies and campaigns
  • Preparing press releases and promotional material
  • Assisting Directors in building positive relationships with stakeholders, media, and the public

As the Delaware Nation PR Officer, I will strive to maintain effective communication with the great citizens of Delaware Nation, using the best tools made available. It’s my duty to report the facts and to provide more ways to receive them.

Utilizing Social Media To Reach Citizens
Social media is a computer-based technology that facilitates the sharing of ideas, thoughts, and information through the building of virtual networks and communities. Facebook and Instagram are two very popular platforms so we utilize these tools effectively to reach a larger audience.​

Maintaining Websites & Tools
Delaware Nation Public Relations maintains three websites:

  • delawarenation-nsn.gov
  • dirtroadgraphicsok.com
  • dneclc.com

Each website requires maintenance, security, and current informational updates to maintain a smooth and functioning experience for online users. As of April 2019, Delaware Nation’s website is fully operated by the public relations department, saving thousands on contract services to build and maintain the Nation’s website and posts. Also, having full control over the website allows significantly faster news posts and information.

The department utilizes the latest plugins and tools on each website to prevent data breaches and to protect against online threats. Alongside Vocational Rehabilitation Director, Rachel Allen, accessibility tools were implemented to each site to provide a better experience for those with visual and hearing disabilities.

COVID-19 information is updated every Friday to follow the current CDC reporting. Fillable PDFs and interactive forms have been activated to eliminate the physical complications of printing and submitting important applications to Delaware Nation tribal offices. Change of Address and Per Capita fillable applications have been created to provide an online tool to quickly update current information with our enrollment department that works on ANY device. Did you recently move? If so, simply go to delawarenation-nsn.gov and click “Change Address”, located in the header of the website. It only takes a minute to submit and you’re done! These same tools were used with the COVID-19 Economic Impact Survey that was held in December 2020. The websites will continue to grow and adapt to the latest technology trends.

Mass Text Service
Delaware Nation Public Relations maintains contact with employees and tribal citizens with an SMS text messaging service called Textedly. This application sends mobile phone users important information regarding closures and current events quickly and efficiently. To opt-in, text the keyword LENAPE to phone number 77222. It’s that simple to stay informed and connected! Delaware Nation sends an average of 4 messages per month and you can opt-out by simply replying STOP. Message and data rates may apply. This service is also utilized with “Our Children’s Garden” Me-Mun-See Hah-Kee Hah-Kun early childhood learning center.

YouTube Channel
Delaware Nation Media is the official YouTube channel of Delaware Nation Public Relations. Here, you will find videos that preserve the Lenape Culture through film so that future generations can learn and carry on traditions. Visit our channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfx6-FCSXkBsXQyh1h_iqEA and be sure to like our videos and subscribe! Also, be sure to turn on the “bell” icon to receive channel notifications when new content is uploaded. Delaware Nation Media will also be utilized with the Early Childhood Learning Center to foster communication with parents.

Visual Communications
Delaware Nation Public Relations uses Adobe Creative Cloud 2021 tools to create and communicate visual campaigns of photos and advertisements to represent the Nation in the most professional ways possible.

For submissions or any other public relations call 405-247-2448 ext 1112 or email wboone@delawarenation-nsn.gov.


Planning a film or photography project with Delaware Nation? Please review our photography/film policy here and download application here.

Film/Photography Permit Application Process:
• Applications for Film or Photography must be submitted to the Executive Committee at least 10 business days prior to the next regularly scheduled meeting.
• The Executive Committee at their regularly scheduled meeting will review the film or photography application, make a decision on the application and impose conditions on the permit as deemed
• If approved, the President or their designee, will sign and monitor the conditions of the film or photography permit as approved by the Executive Committee.

A complete Film/Photography Permit Application includes:
• The signed Permit Application filled out with detailed information about the production

The following documents must be submitted with the Film/Photography Permit Application to be considered complete and begin the review and approval process:
• Proof of General Liability Insurance
• Map/Site Layout
• If filming on private property, a location agreement is required for each private location
• Letter from school is required if the production is a student film
• If using drone, required waiver/authorization from FAA and Anadarko Municipal Airport-F68
• Non-refundable Fee

Wesley Boone

Public Relations Officer

Phone: (405) 247-2448 Ex. 1112
Email: wboone@delawarenation-nsn.gov

Delaware Nation
31064 US Highway 281
Building 100
Anadarko, OK 73005

Delaware Nation
P.O. Box 825
Anadarko, OK  73005

PHONE:  (405) 247-2448
FAX:   (405) 247-9393