A new grocery store near Northwest 16th Street and May Avenue in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is receiving a lot of attention, and its grand-opening isn’t until July 27, 2019. The name of the grocery store is “Public Wholesale and Food Market.” They distribute expired food that is a couple of days out of date through a needs rewards system. Needs foundation partners include: OU Medical Center, St. Anthony’s Hospital, Remington park, The Mantel, Western Sizzlin and Krispy Kreme. Six years ago, the state changed a law that allows businesses, stores and restaurants to donate excess food. 1998 UCO graduate Joey Abbo is co-founder of the “Needs Foundation.” He said along with their partners, they already give away 500,000 pounds of food in Oklahoma each month. Abbo said Public Wholesale and Food Market will allow them to reach even more people. In addition to selling food at discounted prices, Public Wholesale customers also accumulate points. They can use the points to pick up expired food at the store for free, or they can use those points to donate to other people. People that are truly hungry will no longer need to be concerned about feeding their selves or their families.