Information Technology

The information technology department oversees the installation and maintenance of all Delaware Nation Tribal Complex’s computer network systems. The department’s primary function is to ensure that the infrastructure’s network runs smoothly.

IT department responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • desktop support
  • help desk
  • systems engineering
  • network engineering
  • application management
  • system administration
  • network administration
  • project management

Delaware Nation IT department provides technical support to the organization’s employees and trains non-technical workers on the business’s information systems. We assess the effectiveness of technology resources already in use or new systems that are being implemented and determine the practicality of changes and modification of systems. The department also works with external partners, including consultants, agencies, and vendors, to arrive at the most appropriate system or integration of multiple systems.

Our specialists stay up-to-date on emerging technologies and the potential effectiveness of these advancements in their current system.

The department utilizes the most current hardware, software, and updates to maintain a healthy infrastructure and to prevent data breaches. High-profile data breaches remind us all that data security is a top priority for businesses and organizations, which now face a one-in-four chance of a data breach that costs approximately $2.21M in the next two years. The aftermath of a breach includes decreased tribal member loyalty, distrust, a potential loss in revenues, and a negative reputation. The department adheres to current network compliance and security concerns.

Asset Inventory
Having visibility of what hardware and software assets we have in our network and physical infrastructure helps us gain a greater understanding of our security posture.

E-Cycle Events
Through the guidance of Environmental Programs, E-Cycle events are held each year to recycle out-of-date office hardware such as computer desktops, laptops, monitors, printers, keyboards, mouses and much more.

Josh Farley

IT Director

Phone: (405) 247-2448


Tribal affiliation: Cherokee Nation

Corinna RedElk

IT Help Desk

Phone: (405) 247-2448


Tribal affiliation: Delaware Nation