First Time Driver’s Assistance Program

Delaware Nation provides  for enrolled tribal citizens ages 15-19 to receive assistance with the cost of an accredited Driver’s Education Course. Applicants may receive a one-time assistance up to $500 towards the cost of classes.


  • Completed and signed application (applicants 18 and over must sign the application)
    Delaware Nation enrollment card
  • Invoice for accredited driver’s education course (any charges exceeding $500 will be the responsibility of the tribal citizen)
  • If applying for reimbursement, a paid receipt and itemized invoice dated October 1, 2023 or later


  • Must be an enrolled Delaware Nation citizen age 15-19
  • Must be a first-time driver and not yet received state learner’s permit or driver’s license
  • Must participate in an accredited driver’s education course


  • The student/parent is responsible for completing and submitting the application and supportive documents to this office.
  • The student is responsible for scheduling and completing the driver’s education courses and testing.
  • Please allow 10-14 days for processing. Once a check is received it will be mailed to the vendor with a copy of the submitted invoice. The tribal citizen can request the check be mailed directly to them if payment in hand is required at the time of services. Reimbursement for an accredited online course is available with a paid receipt and itemized invoice dated after October 1, 2023. It is the parent/student’s responsibility to verify if the online course is accredited before payment.
  • See description of service requested.
Service Areas: Nationwide
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