In July, DNI was honored to sponsor the Oklahoma City Indian Clinic’s (OKCIC) Teaching Urban Roads to Lifestyle & Exercise (TURTLE) camp.

Held at the Let’s Play Sports indoor soccer arena, kids learned about curbing diabetes through diet, exercise, and lifestyle. Over 40 children took part in sports, health checks, and lessons from experts about wellness education.
During breaks, event volunteers taught kids about the Lenape culture and traditions including the Lenape creation myth. The myth is an ancient story of how a giant turtle saved the Delaware Nation by using its shell as refuge from heavy floods.

DNI gave all attendees “swag” bags which included a stuffed turtle plushy. The plushy was the most popular item among the kids! We hope all the children who joined left with a firm grasp of their own overall health and wellness.

The next TURTLE camp session is October 13-14 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day. For more info on how to enroll, please visit the OKCIC website (

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By Aaron Johnson DNI Marketing & Communications Manager 2/1/2023