Delaware Nation Direct Employment Assistance Program provides a small stipend to enrolled Delaware Tribal citizens that have gained new employment. The job must be a full time position. This is a one-time only assistance per fiscal year. The stipend is for gas and lunch for work until first full paycheck is received.


Applicants with dependents will receive $25 per working day, applicants with no dependents will receive $20 per working day, with a max of 10 days.

Program funds will be available on a first come, first served basis.


Application and supportive documents be submitted before receiving first full paycheck.



  • Must be an enrolled Delaware Nation citizen
  • Complete this application and attach supportive documentation
  • If uniforms and/or special tools are needed for the new position, this program can assist up to

$500. Checks are made to the vendor only. Tribal citizen must provide a letter from employer stating the requirement of uniform and/or special tools.

  • Applicant must be:
    • A permanent full-time employee
    • Must have documentation of unemployment prior to being hired with current employer
      • A letter from your last employer’s Human Resource Department stating date of last day worked.
    • Must not have received 1st full paycheck from employer


If you fail to secure the documents listed below your file will be placed on pending status.

    • Letter from new employer on their letterhead. The letter must state:
      • date of hire
      • number of working days per week
      • hourly rate for full time status
      • type of pay period (i.e., weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.)
      • date of first paycheck received
      • Any uniform and/or special tools requirement
      • an attached job description on company letterhead
    • If you require special tools or uniforms you must submit an invoice from where you will purchase your items. Checks will ONLY be made to vendor.
    • W-9 Form must be filled out and turned in with this application
Service Areas: Nationwide
Funded By: RAP Funds