Jerria Lynn Sadongei

Jerria Lynn Sadongei

Delaware Nation Princess 2019-2020

On Friday, May 31, 2019, Delaware Nation welcomed in the 2019-2020 Delaware Nation Princess, Jerria Lynn Sadongei. Jerria received her crown during a reception held for the special occasion at the Delaware Nation Cultural Building in downtown Anadarko, OK. Sadongei was crowned by the outgoing 2017-2018 Delaware Nation Tribal Princess Angel Aphrodite Yeahpau. Family, friends, Delaware Nation employees and President were in attendance to welcome the newly crowned Princess.

Princess Coordinator Melanie Quiver spoke briefly about the responsibilities of being a tribal princess.  “Being a Tribal Princess is more than a label or title, you are a role model in the community and Ambassador for the tribe.” Sadongei will be the official ambassador of the Nation at many events across the country and at home. The Delaware Nation Princess is asked to attend as many dances and special events as she can to represent the Nation. “As Delaware Nation Princess, I will honor the position to the very best of my ability. I look forward to sharing my Lenape culture with others while representing myself, my family, my tribe and my community in a good way,” said Sadongei.

The daughter of Alana Sadongei and Santana Owings, Jerria was born on July 8, 2002. She was named Jerria after her paternal great-grandfather, Jerry Reed. Her siblings are Tobias, Evaree, Taniah, Simeon and Remi. Jerria is part Wichita, Comanche, Kiowa and Delaware tribes and is an enrolled Delaware Nation tribal citizen through her maternal great, great grandparents, Jack and Jane (Wilson) Thomas. Her maternal great grandmother was Alene Thomas Martinez, who was very active in the Delaware Nation for all the years of her life, and also believed that the Lenape Delaware were building to a great future.

Jerria is currently a Junior at Riverside Indian School. She has been there since the 4th grade. “Riverside has become my second home. I have met and kept many friends from all over the United States and we share our Native cultures. I realize that even though we are all slightly different, we are all still very much the same.”

Jerria’s hobbies are beading and anything dealing with arts and crafts. When she was a freshman, she was selected to enroll in Art I and Art IV at the same time. “I entered and won many art competitions around the state including Red Earth and I also won 1st Place at the Tulsa Indian Art Festival. My favorite style is acrylic painting but I also enjoy sketching.”

Jerria attends many pow-wows throughout the year. She dances southern style and she is also a backup singer, or chorus girl, for Two Drums, the Riverside Ramblers and Roan Horse. This is her favorite family activity.

Jerria attends St. Patrick’s Catholic Church where she has serves as an Altar Girl or Server. She appreciates the joy of serving the Creator in this way. She also respects the Native American Church and those beliefs as well as continuing to respect her elders and learning their cultural ways.

The Cultural Preservation Princess Program welcomes Jerria with open arms and we know she will do a wonderful job in all the dances, events, and classes that she’ll be a part of. We’ll have a great year!

Puchuwanku Wanishi.


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