Serenitee McCasland

Delaware Nation Princess 2022-2023

Delaware Nation Princess for the year 2022-2023 is Serenitee McCasland, for her first reign. She was crowned by 2020-2022 Princess, Lori Kionute, during a coronation ceremony at General Council, on July 9, 2022.

Serenitee’s Lineage:

  • The daughter of Jackie (Jaclyn) and Eric McCasland
  • Granddaughter of Denise and Mike Voyles
  • Great Grandaughter of Barbara and Wayne Nixon
  • Great Great Granddaughter of Louise Snake Yeahquo and Gerald Yeahquo
  • Great Great Great Granddaughter of Bessie Hunter Snake and Willie Snake
  • Great Great Great Great Granddaughter of Dunk-she, also known as Tennessee Thomas.

From Serenitee:

“Hè, kulamalsi hàch? Hello, How are you? My name is Serenitee McCasland and I am a sophomore at Anadarko High School. I plan to go into the zoological veterinarian field and attend the University of Oklahoma. I am very honored to represent my family and tribe at the events I have attended. I have enjoyed teaching students about our culture with the Anadarko High School Native American Club dance troupe as well as with the Delaware Nation Social Services Department. I hope everyone has safe travels and happy holidays.”

Completed Princess Events:

• Inter-Tribal Summer Camp Cultural Presentation-July 22, 2022
• Kiowa Apache BlackFoot Society 62nd Annual Ceremonial-August 6-7, 2022
• Princess Powwow luncheon 2022, Wichita Community Building- September 17, 2022
• American Indian Expo, Princess Powwow – September 17, 2022
• Comanche Nation Annual Powwow- October 1-2, 2022
• Comanche Nation princess luncheon- October 1, 2022
• Indigenous People Fall Festival/Parade (Red Earth youth powwow)- October 15, 2022
• Delaware Nation Bigfoot event-October 22, 2022
• Davis High school, Cultural Presentation, Delaware Nation Social Services- October 24, 2022
• Sunset Elementary, Anadarko, Oklahoma – dance troupe, Anadarko High School Native American Club, October 28, 2022
• University of Oklahoma, Health Services Campus, Native American Heritage Month- dance troupe Anadarko High School Native American club- November 9, 2022
• Delaware Nation Christmas Dinner- December 3, 2022



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