A 2022 Economic Stimulus Survey will be released February 2022 to assist all 18 years and older Tribal Citizens who continue to be affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic and its effect on the economy.

This will be a new survey, so all Tribal citizens 18 and over will have to fill it out online once released to receive assistance.

It is imperative that your address be updated in our Enrollment Office before completing the online survey.  If the address on the survey does not match the address in our Enrollment Office, it will delay processing time.

Due to the outbreak of the Omicron virus, our offices are currently closed. However, you can quickly update your address by using the online Change of Address form. 

You can fill out a Change of Address online form by going to www.delawarenation-nsn.gov/change-of-address.

Type your information in the boxes provided and be sure to click on “Submit” at the bottom.