The Division on Aging Nutrition Program will implement the following objectives to meet the needs of the Native American Elderly in the service area of the tribe.

  1. Nutrition Services (Congregate and Homebound Meal Delivery)
  2. Nutrition and Health Education.
  3. Supportive Services. Native American Cultural Education and Preservation

For information about the Tribal Nutrition Services, write to:

Delaware Nation AOA Nutrition Program
P.O.Box 825
Anadarko, OK 73005

or call: 405-247-2448

Here are the forms to apply for the various programs available to our elders

Wyndi Rumley

AOA Director

405-247-2448 ext. 1116

Abbie Spence

AOA Assistant

Delaware Nation
31064 US Highway 281
Building 100
Anadarko, OK 73005

Delaware Nation
P.O. Box 825
Anadarko, OK  73005

PHONE:  (405) 247-8428
FAX:   (405) 247-9393