**Delaware Nation citizens applying for assistance will need to ensure their current address listed on applications corresponds to the address on file with the Enrollment Department in order to receive services. If the addresses are not the same, the applicant will need to update their address with Enrollment before any assistance can be provided.**

  • PURPOSE AND AMOUNT OF ASSISTANCE: This nationwide one-time application per household will pay up to $350.00 (while funding is available) to eligible tribal citizens who rent assist with electric, natural gas, propane, and/or water/sewer/trash utility bills.



Eligible tribal citizens 18 years to 59 years of age who have proof of renting for their primary residence must complete the attached application to qualify for this assistance. If proof of renting cannot be provided, the applicant will not be eligible for the assistance, no exceptions. There must be a balance due on bill. Payments will not be made that will add a credit to the utility account.



A completed application with the following documentation:

  1. Copy of CDIB card
  2. Proof of Renting (i.e., lease with the tribal citizen’s name)
  3. Current utility bill or bills in the tribal citizen’s name matching the home’s address listed on lease (i.e. electric, gas, propane, water/sewer/trash) Internet and cellular bills are NOT eligible for assistance.


  • START & DEADLINE DATES: This funding will be provided from June 17th, 2023 and will remain open until funding is expended.


  • REIMBURSEMENTS: No reimbursements will be paid.  Payments will be made to utility companies only.


  • APPLICATION SUBMISSION: Applications can be obtained on the Delaware Nation website or by calling 405-480-2220. The tribal citizen’s application with documentation may be submitted through one of the following:

Email: Housing@delawarenation-nsn.gov (Please submit to this email only)

Fax:   405480-2223

Mail:  Delaware Nation Housing

           904 West Petree Road

          Anadarko, OK 73005