Delaware Nation Security Services

The Delaware Nation’s Security Services top priority is the safety and protection of all those who set foot on Delaware Nation soil. The highest level of service has and always will be the main focus of retaining that culture.

Training and continuing education remain the cornerstone for successful emergency management and threat management programs. Prevention through education is the only way to truly know what threats there are to the Delaware Nation.

Security Services has the confidence and the focus to obtain the highest level of emergency and threat management services.



The Executive Committee is looking at a possible Bridge Program with BIA law enforcement that would provide the Delaware Nation with a fulltime Tribal officer handling local law enforcement services.



Security Services continues to straighten the District Court of the Delaware Nation by providing Court Bailiff duties and supervising probationers during their sentencing.

Probation works with offenders to prevent them from committing new crimes. Probation also assists probationers with available programs to empower them with the ability to regain the status, “productive member of society.”

The Sexual Offender Registration and Notification Act (S.O.R.N.A.) is another program that is supervised by DN Security Services. S.O.R.N.A. is a comprehensive set of minimum standards for sex offender registration and notification and helps to provide a nationwide network of sex offender registration and notification.

Security Services will continue to build some excellent springboards for future programs, and while there is still work to do I am delighted with the performance of all those involved. Delaware Nation’s Security Services will continue to offer programs and activities to meet the goal of keeping safety and protection at the forefront for all Delaware Nation employees and Tribal citizens this year and beyond.


Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA)


Crystal Talton

Security Officer

Phone: (405) 247-2448 ext. 1402

Rodney Scott

Security Officer

Phone: (405) 247-2448 ext. 1402

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