Mike Glatt from Makoche’ Studios standing next to Historic Preservation Director Erin Paden with digital archives

ANADARKO, OK — Cassette, DAT, Mini-Cassette, and Reel to Reel Transfers

All audio files have been checked and restored, however, some of the audio recordings were found to be recorded at levels that were too high, resulting in distortion and overmodulation of the audio signal. While some restoration was possible, certain portions are still unintelligible. In these cases, we made the best attempt we could to salvage the audio signal.

The cassette “Archival Files” are included for preservation reasons only. These are very large audio files recorded at a high bit rate (96khz 24 bit) to preserve the original condition of the tapes before restoration. They are not intended for general use, but preserved in the event further restoration attempts are made in the future.

The audio files intended for general use are found in the “Wave” and “MP3” folders. Wave files are CD-quality audio files, while compressed MP3 files are smaller in size and easier to copy and shared. These formats are nearly universal audio codecs playable on all Windows and Apple computers.

Some cassettes were blank, and some series had duplicate entries, that is cassettes with the same content, but different catalog numbers. All cassettes were transferred regardless of this and preserved as originally numbered.

All reel-to-reel tapes were successfully transferred and restored, and filed in 96khz archive files, Wave files, and MP3 files.

Video Transfers

All video files have been converted to the MPEG 4 video format, a nearly universal video codec playable on Windows-based PCs and Apple computers. In some cases, duplicate videos were found, and best-quality copies were used.

CDs and DVDs

All video files have been converted to the MPEG 4 video format, all audio files have been converted to either Wave or MP3 files, based on their original format.

Additional Formats, Tutorette cards, and Floppy Discs

Many of the floppy discs were blank, all others transferred and noted on the log sheets.

Many of the Tutorette cards were blank. Those with content have been transferred and restored as best possible.

*By Billie Anderson Historic Preservation Office Archivist 3/8/2022