Delaware Nation held their annual General Council Meeting at the Delaware Nation Complex in Anadarko, Oklahoma on Saturday, June 15, 2019. This year’s General Council theme was “Survivor” because of Delaware Nation’s ancestor’s survival spirit after the removal from their homelands and the hardships they endured. As Delaware Nation President Deborah Dotson stated, “Delaware Nation citizens are Survivors!” Inside the Tamanend Building, Delaware Nation Department Booths were setup to greet tribal citizens and guests with Department information while other Department Booths treated guests to a variety of games and activities. There was also a Book Fair in the Library. McAlister’s catered the event and this year Delaware Nation served a variety of sandwiches to tribal citizens and staff. The annual meeting was held at 1 PM in the Delaware Nation Court Room where Delaware Nation Executive Committee awarded posthumous Survivor Awards to Delaware Nation Trailblazers Robert H. Lawrence, Edgar French Jr., Lawrence Snake, Myrtle Parton Holder, William Exendine, Henry Chisholm and Jack McLane Jr. for their contributions to Delaware Nation and the legacy they left us. Also awarded the Survivor Award was Harold Pruner for the contributions he has made and continues to make for the tribe. Delaware Nation Industries also served the tribe with their second Dividend Check in as as many months in the amount of One Million Dollars. Delaware Nation would like to thank everyone who attended the event as well as employees, staff and Delaware Nation Princess Jerria Sadongei for talking and taking pictures with guests and staff.

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