The Delaware Nation General Welfare Elder Thanksgiving Supplement Assistance Program fund provides assistance in the amount of $35.00 to Delaware Nation enrolled elder (60+) with the purchase of a Thanksgiving turkey or groceries. This funding is available to Delaware Nation elders Nationwide. 


• Elder must be an enrolled Delaware Nation citizen 

• Ages 60+ 

• Must submit a complete and signed application 

 Receipts must be submitted. Receipts should be dated from November 1-30, 2022 to be eligible for reimbursement Failure to submit receipts will disqualify Elder from receiving any future Thanksgiving/Christmas Program funding. 

Disclaimer: Elders who chose to pick up a Thanksgiving turkey in person at the Delaware Nation Complex are ineligible to receive this assistance. 

Deadline to submit application: November 30, 2022 @ 5:00 p.m. central standard time…no exceptions! 

 Please submit application by mail, fax or email to