Delaware Nation Early Learning Initiative

The Delaware Nation Early Childhood Learning Initiative began work in October 2014 to develop an early childhood system for the Nation.  The project will be done in several phases to develop a system which best serves the families of the Delaware Nation.  

The first phase of the initiative will be to construct for an anticipated maximum capacity of 56 children.  The entire first phase facility will be approximately 5300 square feet.  The facility will consist of 4 classrooms, 2 – Infant Classroom with separate area for diaper changing, including sink with water supply, separate area for breastfeeding accommodation and a separate area for bottle feeding preparation also including sink with water supply and room for refrigerator and storage, 2 – Toddler Classroom to also have a separate area for diaper changing including sink with water supply and a separate area for bottle feeding preparation also including sink with water supply with room for refrigerator and storage.  The first phase will offer care and services to 6 weeks-3 year olds.  The first phase is expected to break ground in early 2017.    Each classroom will contain observation windows, its own exit, and restroom facilities.  The classrooms will also include shared mini kitchen, storage, diaper changing and age appropriate restroom facilities and will be set up pod style.  Office space for the director, health and education curriculum coordinator, social service coordinator, and billing staff are for a total of 4 offices.  Teacher office space will also act as observation rooms to the classroom and will be located in the front of each classroom.  The facility will also include a conference room, a teachers work room, and a parent resource room located near the lobby to also act as a waiting room, a laundry room, and janitorial storage room.  The facility will also include a fully enclosed commercial kitchen for food service with opportunity for children viewing (a large window).  The kitchen will also include a warming closet, cold food closet for easy access of the staff, a walk in freezer and refrigerator, a dry good storage area, and separate dish washing area.  The facility will contain a multi- purpose room to be used for indoor gross motor activities, intergenerational activities of children and elders and will also serve as meeting room for various early childhoods and community related functions, this room will also have access to restroom facilities that include a shower.  The multi-purpose room and be adjacent to the kitchen and will act as the safe room for the entire facility. Each classroom will also include its own outdoor classroom natural age appropriate covered playground.  The entrance to the environmentally responsible self-sustaining green facility will face east (which will be the main entrance) also an area beyond the covered outdoor classroom natural playground will include an area for gardening and compost.  It is hoped that the facility will be carefully constructed with products and building materials that are sustainable, recycled, energy efficient and low emitting in order to protect children, staff and the Earth.  We would like to implement every measure possible to ensure maximum indoor air quality.  A front entry way will include a reception desk and area with a section reserved as a parent resource room, the entire building will be culturally designed with Lenni-Lenape heritage in mind supporting the vision and mission of the Delaware Nation Early Childhood Initiative.

Vision Statement

“Sowing the seeds for the future through education, culture, and diversity.”

Mission Statement

“To ensure quality safe and secure early childhood learning in a culturally rich and diverse green self-sustaining facility with qualified staff that nurtures, educates and inspires children and their families with wonder, discovery, and creativity while fostering life-long learning and a curriculum focused on preserving Lenni Lenape language, culture, and traditions that also cultivates respect, value and acknowledgment for the culture and traditions of all people while also partnering with parents and guardians to become educators and advocates for their children.”

Our lives are not determined by what happens to us but by how we react to what happens, not by what life brings to us, but by the attitude we bring to life.  A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events, and outcomes.  It is a catalyst, a spark that creates extraordinary results.

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