ALLENTOWN, PA (January 14, 2020) — Delaware Nation is pleased to announce that our Historic Preservation Office will be extending to Allentown, Pennsylvania. The Museum of Indian Culture in Allentown added an additional service that will now be offering with the opening of a Historic Preservation Office in partnership with Delaware Nation.

In a formal partnership with Delaware Nation, the Museum of Indian Culture will now house an additional Historic Preservation Office for Delaware Nation. This PA office will facilitate Delaware Nation’s access to ancestral homelands, and allow us to more efficiently respond to NAGPRA and historic preservation related concerns in the region. Local relevant inquiries can now be directed to Delaware Nation’s attention through the office at the museum, and receive immediate response by our staffed Historic Preservation Assistant, Katelyn Lucas, during regular office hours.

This partnership also enables collaboration between Delaware Nation and the Museum of Indian Culture to increase educational resources and opportunities in the region, supporting the museum’s mission to foster public awareness of Lenape histories, as well as the diversity of thriving Indigenous cultures today.

In honor of the opening of the office, on Tuesday January 14th at 6pm, Barton Cartwright, Delaware Nation member, presented Delaware Nation with a Lenape historical map. Accepting the map for Delaware Nation was President Deborah Dotson.

The Historic Preservation Office of Delaware Nation is committed to the preservation and protection of our history. Through Section 106 reviews, consultation, and monitoring, we can protect our lands of tribal interest from physical destruction and or damage, our sacred sites such as cemeteries and ceremonial locations, and the flora and fauna of historic importance to our tribe. Our office focuses on the historic oversight of 18 states, 6 of which our oversight encompasses the entire state while we oversee specific counties in the remaining 12 states. Our purpose is to protect archaeological sites which might contain burials and associated funerary objects.

It is the mission of the Delaware Nation’s Historic Preservation Office to protect, preserve, and perpetuate our story so future generations may continue to pass on the rich history and culture of the Delaware people.