Capacity Group Senior Analyst Martyna Triggs & CEO Eric Egeland

Presentation by Senior Analyst Martyna Triggs

ANADARKO, OK — Delaware Nation President, relevant Tribal Directors, and Wichita & Affiliated Tribes CHR Directors met with Capacity Group to view a feasibility study presentation held at 10:00 AM (CST) in the courtroom. Guests were invited by President Deborah Dotson via email prior to the presentation. Capacity Group CEO Eric Egeland and Senior Analyst Martyna Triggs provided a slideshow of information and detailed reports on how Delaware Nation and the surrounding tribes could highly benefit from hosting Marathons. Local cities could even benefit from the crowds gathered by the Marathons hosted in their area.

Mr. Egeland provided the introduction and then allowed room for Martyna to “take the floor”. Martyna introduced herself and then began the slideshow presentation by starting with the goals of the study. By understanding the economic impact of hosting a Boston Qualifying marathon in Anadarko, OK, providing guidance for requirements, and providing details road maps and marathon operations, Delaware Nation could potentially host successful Marathons.

Martyna then provided some American Indian running history to show how running is a part of Native Culture, spiritual and historical to the fact that Natives would run hundreds of miles to deliver messages to neighboring tribes.

She then Explained the foot levelers of the Blue Ridge Marathon and their historical participation. It’s a fact that the increase of marathon runners happened around 2019 to the present. America was facing challenges pre-pandemic then COVID-19 came in like a tidal wave so maybe that was a triggering effect for more marathon participation? It’s hard to say.

Health benefits would be achieved by hosting local tribal marathons. Facts even showed that American Indians and Alaska Natives showed higher signs of poor health status, physical limits, obesity, smoking, asthma, diabetes, and substance abuse.

These numbers could be decreased by presenting healthy activities to the community.

Marathon demographics, tourism spending, and marathon visitors were discussed and wrapped up in discussion. The successful meeting ended at noon and a traditional Native meal was prepared and served to the guests and participants.

Delaware Nation hopes to use this consultation to work with the local tribes in becoming a Marathon leader in the local community and even the State. Many thanks to Capacity Group and the guests who were present for the presentation!

*By Wesley Boone Public Relations 4/18/2022