First Time Driver’s Assistance Program

Delaware Nation provides burial assistance for enrolled tribal citizens or those minors eligible to
be enrolled (and not enrolled in any other tribe) up to $10,000. Eligibility must be determined by
the enrollment department. Payment will be made directly to the funeral home selected. Assistance is
for burial expenses and/or marker or monument.
1. PREPAID BURIAL ASSISTANCE: A tribal citizen (age 60 or over) or diagnosed with a terminal
illness, may obtain assistance to purchase an irrevocable contract burial plan with a funeral home
of their choice.

• Family Dinner allocation of $500 will be available to the family for food. The next of kin
designated on the application will receive the check for this service.

Deadlines: none

Required Documents:
• Copy of irrevocable contract with funeral home for cost of service
• Death Certificate (Family must request one for the tribe when the tribal citizen is deceased.)
• If applicable, a letter from the tribal citizen’s medical doctor stating the terminal diagnosis
Application may be submitted at any time by the tribal citizen.
2. BURIAL ASSISTANCE: A tribal citizen’s next of kin may obtain assistance with funeral
arrangements at a funeral home of their choice.
Required Documents:
• Invoice stating funeral home’s cost for service
• Death Certificate (Family must request one for the tribe when making funeral arrangements)
Please submit application 90 days from the date of funeral service.

Service Areas: Nationwide
Funded By: