Delaware Nation invites you to a virtual consultation to discuss an upcoming proposal to expand the community area near the “Our Children’s Garden” Me-Mun-See Hah-Kee Hah-Kun Early Childhood Learning Center. Delaware Nation would like your input before applying for the 2021 Indian Community Development Block Grant (ICDBG).

There will be a virtual consultation on Monday, October 18, 2021 from 3:45pm-4:45PM Via “Go To Meeting” platform to discuss the details of the potential funding and to gather valuable input from Tribal Citizens. Please join us for this discussion. Some topics include a walking trail, greenhouse, an orchard, and fitness area.

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For more information, please email or call 405-247-2448×1173

ICDBG-ARP made a total of $280M available, with up to $1.035M available to Tribes with IHBG-ARP funding formula amounts of $1.625M or less (which Delaware Nation is), for COVID-related imminent threat activities in the main ICDBG categories of Housing, Public Facilities and Infrastructure, Public Services, and Economic Development.

Delaware Nation is proposing to use ICDBG-ARP funds to expand the Cultural Preservation Center to incorporate the adjacent property at 105 W Broadway, to renovate and upgrade the interior and mechanical systems, and to purchase pop-up tent shelters for COVID-safe storm response.

Please provide comments via email to

2021 ICDBG Grants – Citizen Participation


  • Community Development Block Grant program is authorized by Title I of the Housing & Community Development Block Act of 1974
  • Administered by U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD), Office of Native American Programs (ONAP)
  • ICDBG-ARP makes $280M available for COVID-related projects across Indian Country. We are in the group eligible for up to $1.035M per Tribe.
  • ICDBG-FY21 makes $76.5M available across Indian Country. We are in the region eligible for up to $1M per Tribe.


The ICDBG program can provide funding for recipients in the following categories:

  • Housing
  • Community Facilities
  • Public Services
  • Economic Development


  • The purpose of this meeting is to provide an opportunity for Members of the Delaware Nation and other interested parties to review eligible activities that may be funded under the ICDBG-ARP and ICDBG-FY21 programs
  • The Delaware Nation has determined that a public facilities project to expand and upgrade the Cultural Preservation Center is a feasible and necessary project to improve its COVID-19 safety profile and improve its value to the Delaware Nation community. (ICDBG-ARP)
  • The Delaware Nation has determined that a public facilities project to improve and develop the trails, orchard, gardens, fitness center, and other facilities near the Early Childhood Learning Center at the Petree Road Campus is a feasible and necessary project to improve its value to the Delaware Nation community. (ICDBG-FY21)
  • Comments regarding eligible activities and the proposed applications are being solicited from those attending this meeting, either now or via email to the contact below.
  • Contact: Jaclyn McCasland, Environmental Director

ICDBG-ARP: Cultural Preservation Center

  • Expand structure by more than 7,000 square feet to allow for increased capacity with social distancing by purchasing adjacent 105 W Broadway property
  • Renovate interior to merge structures and maximize useful space for Delaware Nation purposes, including possible storm response
  • Upgrade HVAC and other mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems to ensure maximum COVID safety
  • Upgrade power and backup power systems to ensure continuity of operations in emergency scenarios
  • Also, purchase stand-alone tent shelters to facilitate COVID-safe storm response if additional social distancing or quarantine/isolation is needed

ICDBG-FY21: Petree Road Campus-Wide

  • Upgrade trail system throughout the property, add proper surfacing and amenities (e.g., benches, pergola, lighting)
  • Construct outdoor classroom and fitness center
  • Develop and expand orchard, apiary, community gardens, greenhouse, compost
  • Enhance food storage and distribution
  • If funds are available, address any necessary road or parking lot improvements